Does Google AdWords Really Work?

The most common debate is that Google AdWords is too expensive. Perhaps you’ve tried it and were unsuccessful. Or maybe you’ve heard comments like:

“Google AdWords is like throwing your money into a black-hole!”

“ROI is impossible due to rising costs.”

“You’re advertising on Google? LOL! You’re flushing your marketing budget down the toilet!”

Here’s a helpful infographic to prove that companies are experiencing return on investment and AdWords is worth the money. Otherwise, why would these huge companies be spending millions if if didn’t really work?


Yes, AdWords does cost money, and often when businesses or organizations start out they might not hire an agency to create and manage their campaigns, yet they will attempt to manage AdWords in house or on their own. This could lead to failure and loss of marketing budget while leaving them with a loss of faith in the platform. But it’s important to remember that all marketing channels cost money; the question is whether or not you’re getting return on that investment. Before abandoning AdWords as a lost cause they should identify why it is costing so much.

More often than not when I look at new client accounts, they have let their AdWords account run on auto-pilot or let an unqualified third-party run their account, and therefore, yes, they’re wasting a ton of money.

Here are two things you can do to make AdWords less expensive and more profitable.

  • Learn how to do it yourself properly

This is the number one reason people are usually wasting away marketing money – because they haven’t taken the time to invest in learning AdWords. Nevertheless, it’s not a self-explanatory, easy-to-understand system…it’s extremely difficult and takes countless time to learn and master. Furthermore, it takes time, studying, and experience to understand the complexity of paid search. Spend time reading, watching instructional videos, understanding concepts like account structure, match types, negative keywords, bidding strategies, and if you’re an extremely ambitious person then get AdWords certified.

  • Hiring a marketing agency to do it for you

There are a plethora of marketing agencies out there that are qualified to handle your AdWords marketing. Make sure you hire an agency who is qualified in search engine marketing that has a proven track record. ROI is important when creating and managing campaigns for your business or organization. Professional agencies have the experience and the know-how to optimize your marketing objectives so you get the results you want with outstanding ROI. Remember, they want the client to be successful and they will do everything in their power to create a pleasant experience with their agency.

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